Altmetall für die Weiterverarbeitung in Metallverarbeitende Unternehmen und Recyclern


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Schrott24 is independent and enables the anonymous buying and selling of scrap metal.

Verified supplier and verified scrap metal

We only include verified suppliers and qualified scrap metals in our network in order to guarantee factory quality for further processing

Fast and flexible - get materials quickly

We use cutting-edge technology to qualify materials rapidly, so that we can react dynamically to supply and demand

The right material for you

Our expansive network gives us greater access to different grades of scrap metal so that we can supply you with the material that meets your exact needs


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The more detail you include in your material specifications, the better the matches we can get from our network

More efficient processing

By simplifying complex processes with our digital tools, the processing runs quickly and smoothly

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If we have the material that corresponds to your request, we will make you an offer, which you can easily accept or reject

Personal contact

We offer an all-in-one service from offer to logistics, as well as guaranteed anonymity in buying and selling scrap metal

We can source any type of scrap metal

We have over 10 years of experience with the requirements of your industry.

Our network gives us unparalleled access to different types of scrap metal.

process optimization

Fast and flexible supply of qualified scrap metals

For all types of metal processing enterprises (smelters, shredders, foundries, refiners) who are looking for high-quality scrap metal and want to secure their supply, we offer a wide variety of scrap metal types and alloys.

Our extensive network consists of over 400 selected scrap dealers and collection points. This gives us greater access to qualified, high-quality scrap metal that exactly matches your needs.

The cutting-edge technology of our digital platform enables rapid qualification to ensure the fast and flexible availablity of secondary raw materials.

With over 10 years of experience in the scrap metal industry and bespoke support for our customers, we have become an authority on the requirements for the processing of metals and so we are keenly aware of our responsibility to supply you with only the highest-quality, qualified scrap metal for further processing.

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