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Latest Brass price from

*Indicative prices based on prices in Germany for partial loads, delivered
Brass, Miscellaneous Brass, Miscellaneous
ab 500 kg4.42 per kg*
Brass MS58, new, pieces Brass MS58, new, pieces
ab 500 kg5.01 per kg*
Brass Turnings, Miscellaneous Brass Turnings, Miscellaneous
ab 500 kg4.21 per kg*
Brass Cartridges Brass Cartridges
ab 500 kg5.15 per kg*

How are brass prices calculated?

The price of brass is somewhere between that of copper and zinc. Since brass is an alloy, its price depends on the price of copper on the metal exchange. However, the final price depends on fluctuations in the market. This alloy of copper and zinc is easy to recycle without sacrificing quality.

How do Schrott24 work out their brass prices?

Brass will have different properties as well as different prices depending on its composition. Thanks to our extensive partner network of scrap dealers, we can offer better scrap prices because we can respond quickly to supply and demand. We publish the latest brass prices on our online platform.

What is brass and where does it come from?

Depending on its zinc contents, the color of brass goes from brownish-red (from approx. 20% zinc) to gold, then light yellow (from approx. 36% zinc content). Along with bronze and red brass, brass is one of the three most common copper alloys, consisting of copper and zinc. The quality of recycled brass is no different to that of metals made from ores. Brass is very in demand as a modern industrial material and is an ideal heat conductor, as well as being very corrosion-resistant. Because brass looks so elegant, it is used to make door handles, faucets, lamps, works of art, fittings and hinges. Most brass scrap comes from craft businesses that work with brass, where the sawing, filing and grinding of brass produces brass scrap and turnings.

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