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Latest E waste price from

*Indicative prices based on prices in Germany for partial loads, delivered
Electric Motors Electric Motors
ab 500 kg0.81 per kg*
Electronic Scrap, Miscellaneous Electronic Scrap, Miscellaneous
ab 500 kg0.19 per kg*
Small Transformers Small Transformers
ab 500 kg0.65 per kg*
Silver Contacts Silver Contacts
ab 500 kg8.55 per kg*

How are e-waste prices calculated?

The sale of electronic waste can actually be worthwhile even for private individuals due to the rare and valuable metals that are used in electronic devices. By definition, the e-waste category includes any obsolete device that was operated using power from a socket, a battery or solar cells. The purchase prices of e-waste are based on the metals it contains. The amount of gold, silver, palladium or copper differs from circuit board to circuit board, chip to chip. That is why there are precise sorting criteria and pricing groups for the various different types. Consumers are not permitted to dispose of electronic waste with their household waste, they have to hand it in at a recycling center or scrapyard. Electronic waste contains a plethora of environmentally hazardous and highly toxic substances such as heavy metals and halogenated dioxins that can only be processed by certified specialists.

How do Schrott24 work out their e-waste prices?

Larger amounts of electronic scrap, for example from commercial use, are usually well paid for by scrap dealers because they contain valuable raw materials such as precious metals. You can check out the latest prices for e-waste on our website. To get the best prices for e-waste, it is important to carefully separate out the different types before selling. We have created explanatory videos to help you properly sort out circuit boards, CPUs and other components. You can find them on our YouTube channel.

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