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What are the scrap prices?

Price of scrap depends on supply and demand, as well its current status on the London Metal Exchange, the stock market for metals. In addition, different types of scrap have different levels of quality. The better the quality and purity of the scrap metal, the better the price it will get. If you mix your scrap metal with other types or qualities rather than sorting it by type, the price for the lowest quality will be paid. This is because of the laborious sorting process required. In order to get the best price for your material, it is advisable to keep an eye on the latest scrap metal prices and to separate your scrap metal by type and quality before selling. Generally, the prices for tons are better than for quantities in the kilo range. For this reason, many sellers collect their scrap metal over a longer period of time. There are no fixed prices for all goods and weight classes. It is also important to know how to correctly separate the different types of scrap from one another into the individual grades of quality - this is the only way to ensure a good price for your scrap. You can find more tips on how to get the best prices for scrap on our blog or on our YouTube channel.

How do Schrott24 come up with their prices?

We can offer such good scrap prices thanks to our large network of scrap dealer partners. With the help of our intelligent tools, we dynamically match the supply and demand of scrap metal in the market. We publish the current scrap prices on our platform. These can still change depending on your location and the selected mode of transport. In all cases, however, the price of scrap metal is determined based on weight and type of scrap. In order to get the best price, it is important to separate the different types. You can see the prices for the following scrap metals in our web shop: • Aluminium price - sheet, profiles, rims, cast aluminium...
• Lead price - lead acid batteries, lead sinkers
• Stainless Steel price -V2A, V4A...
• Iron price & steel price - mixed scrap, heavy scrap
• Carbide price - Widia carbide, drills, milling cutters, HSS...
• Cable price
• Copper price - millberry, berry, spark plugs...
• Brass price - MS58, turnings, shells...
• Alloys - bronze, red brass...
• Zinc price
• Tin price - tableware, solder...
• E-waste price - CPUs, circuit boards, transformers...

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Take advantage of our network of partners, which will enable you to optimize the returns and recycling process of your scrap metal. As Europe’s largest scrapt metal trading platform and fully licensed scrap metal dealer, we can offer your enterprise a reliable all-in-one service.

  • "The recycling of our containers was carried out to our full satisfaction. We will use your services again."

    Martin Schillein
  • "We recycled several truckloads of stainless steel with Schrott24. Their price was significantly better than the competition. Their communication left nothing to be desired and the billing and payment was also to our fullest satisfaction."

    Ronny Lamm, Straub KG
  • "Very simple, uncomplicated processing and a fair purchase price. Already traded twice and never had a problem. We have had one personal delivery and one order sent as a package. Would recommend strongly. "

    Ein zufriedener Kunde



Better prices

With our Europe-wide network of over 400 scrap dealers, factories and recyclers, we can find the right buyer for your scrap metal.

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As a fully licensed scrap dealer, we offer a full range of services, from sales, transport and logistics to payment.

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We offer reliable processing and full transparency in the quality control of scrap metals - whether you want to sell or buy.