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"Our mission is to build a digital platform that has a global impact on the scrap market, enhances its inefficient processes through technology and creates a sustainable future."


We are digitizing the scrap metal market!

The circular economy has never been a more important issue for the planet, especially in the context of an ever-growing continental and global demand for raw materials. The metal recycling industry plays an important role in achieving environmental and sustainability goals. After all, scrap metal can be almost entirely recycled, infinitely. However, the status quo is inefficient and unacceptable, contributing greatly to the poor use of recyclable metals. We will only bring about positive changes if we innovate in this outdated industry. That’s why we have made it our business to completely turn this industry on its head. We are bringing a largely analogue industry into the digital age and offering our customers cutting-edge processes. The Schrott24 platform is revolutionizing the metal recycling industry by making the market transparent,

digital and efficient and by simplifying and automating processes. Our platform is based on the latest machine learning and data analysis, facilitating the matching of scrap metal offers and requests. This innovative approach benefits all participants in the value chain. By bundling materials from many suppliers, we achieve and pass on significant savings. We help scrap dealers, recyclers and factories to increase their capacity utilization and acquire new suppliers. We now have over 400 logistics and recycling partners across Europe, as well as over 80 delivery points for scrap metal in Germany and Austria. Schrott24 was founded in 2016 in Graz by Alexander Schlick and Jan Pannenbäcker. Since then, our company has established itself as the largest digital trading platform for scrap metal.

ABOUT US We are developing a platform that will connect the secondary raw materal economy We are revolutionizing and digitizing the entire scrap metal industry, to the benefit of the wider circular economy.
Schrott24 PRO The metal processing industry
"We match supply and demand digitally and efficiently"

As Europe’s largest trading platform for scrap metal, we use our platform’s cutting-edge technology to react dynamically to supply and demand in our network of scrap dealers and factories. This allows us to achieve the best turnover for scrap metal, particularly for the metal processing industry.

Additionally, we deal with each request individually in order to optimize both revenue and the recycling process. Our digital tools make operational processes easier, more efficient and more transparent for our customers.

Schrott24 is a licensed scrap metal dealer and is both the contract holder and point of contact for offers, transport processing and payment. We offer our customers total security and transparency for their scrap metal sales and we provide one of our logistics partners as a local contact.

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"We match supply and demand digitally and efficiently"
"Fast and flexible access to qualified raw material"
Schrott24 PRO Recyclers and factories
"Fast and flexible access to qualified raw material"

We offer a wide variety of scrap metals as well as special alloys for metal processing or recycling companies, prepared to factory quality.

Schrott24 PRO offers an extensive network of suppliers and as such has unparalleled access to qualified and high-quality scrap metal. The cutting-edge technology of our digital platform enables rapid qualification and thus guarantees fast and flexible availability of secondary raw materials for your enterprise.

More than 10 years of experience in this industry has made us aware of the challenges faced by factories and recyclers, which is why we take seriously the importance of providing them with qualified scrap metal. Schrott24 PRO is independent and enables anonymous buying and selling of scrap metal.

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Schrott24 Partner Scrap dealers
"Use digitization as an opportunity to increase your reach and optimize your internal processes."

We support our partner scrap dealers in buying and selling scrap metal and are helping to lead the industry into the digital age.

Thanks to our extensive online reach, we give our partners access to more material and new collection points. We take on the role of the supplier and take care of the processing.

We are also able to find the best buyer for your scrap metal. Thanks to our network, we can provide access to factory prices and better revenues for full loads. Benefit from shorter storage times and reduced price risk!

We also offer cutting-edge tools that significantly optimize internal processes, saving time and resources in the buying and selling process.

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"Use digitization as an opportunity to increase your reach and optimize your internal processes."
"Digital advances enabling transparent and user-friendly trading."
Online Shop Commercial and private traders
"Digital advances enabling transparent and user-friendly trading."

To make the scrap metal industry more transparent, we not only publish our daily scrap prices on our online platform, but also guarantee our customers precise documentation of the quality inspection and weighing of the scrap metal they sell.

Using this, enterprises and private individuals can calculate the exact scrap price for small scrap metal quantities based on location and transport options (in the checkout) and sell them directly via our web shop.

With over 80 locations, we have delivery points for scrap metal throughout Germany and Austria.

Our service includes the entire process from the initial sale, to the organization of the transport and payment.

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About Schrott24 Our Team
Jan Pannenbäcker
Co-founder & Managing Director
Alexander Schlick
Co-founder & Managing Director
Dr. Andreas Fruth
Jon Sivak
Head of Product
Georg Ruderer
Senior Sales Manager