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Latest Cable price from

*Indicative prices based on prices in Germany for partial loads, delivered
Copper Cable, min. 38% Cu Copper Cable, min. 38% Cu
ab 500 kg2.56 per kg*
Copper Cable, min. 60% Cu Copper Cable, min. 60% Cu
ab 500 kg3.82 per kg*
Copper Cable, min. 70% Cu Copper Cable, min. 70% Cu
ab 500 kg4.88 per kg*
Copper Cable with Plug Copper Cable with Plug
ab 500 kg1.77 per kg*
Cable Sheath Lead Cable Sheath Lead
ab 500 kg1.18 per kg*

How are cable prices calculated?

Since there is a high proportion of copper in cables and wiring, the price of cable is dependent on the price of copper. 1 kg of pure copper costs an average of between 4 and 6 euros. The actual price, however, depends on the type of copper, which is divided into various categories such as copper millberry, copper spark plugs, copper berry and copper cables with or without plugs. Copper is traded on the London Metal Exchange and its price depends on developments on the world market as well as current supply and demand.

How do Schrott24 work out their cable prices?

Fundamentally, the higher the copper content in the cabling, the more valuable the material and the higher the price it can sell for. When selling scrap cable, it is also important that it is separated according to particular types. If you take on the work of separation, i.e. stripping the cables of their coating, you can get a higher price. You can see our current cable prices on our website.

What is copper and where does it come from?

Copper is a reddish heavy metal that is relatively soft and easy to manipulate. It is rustproof and non-magnetic. When exposed to air, copper tarnishes and becomes reddish-brown. Over time, further weathering causes a bluish-green layer of oxidation, or patina, to form on the surface. Due to its excellent conductivity, copper is found in all kinds of electronic devices and cables. Copper is often used in roof construction because the copper sheets are protected from further corrosion by the patina layer that forms, giving it a very long service life.

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